Friday, March 27, 2009

Double Trouble

Wednesday night I watched Colin while Beth, Pat and Heath were at hurling practice. We've babysat Colin many times, but this was the first time I had two kids by myself. Since Colin's almost three and pretty independent, it was fairly easy. For example, when I asked him to take off his shoes before he got onto the couch he said, "Oh! Yes," as if he was remiss in not thinking of it himself. He was content wandering around Ben's room while I cleaned up Ben's poop explosion and even though he said he wasn't hungry for dinner and wanted to go outside, when I asked him to sit with me while I ate, he ended up eating most of his spaghetti.

There was one moment that had me worried, though. We'd already eaten dinner and then played outside. It was getting dark and cold, so we came back inside to "watch something," as Colin put it. I put disc one of The Weird Al Show into the PS3 because it's about the kid-friendliest thing we own, plus it's AWESOME. In order to do that, I had to take out the Rock Band 2 disc that was already in there. Then I made the mistake of telling Colin the truth when he asked what it was. We often play Rock Band when Colin's around and he loves it. So of course he wanted to play. But it was getting to be time to feed Ben and I didn't feel like moving all the toys to set up the drums, so I said no. This set off a bought of whining. And I don't know if it was because Ben spent all evening watching Colin in awe, or just because he was getting hungry, but Ben started whining at that point, too. I couldn't help but just sit back for a second, smile to myself and think, "This is my future."

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  1. (From Beth): I'm glad the rest of the evening went well. Did Colin eventually like the Weird Al Show?