Monday, March 9, 2009

It's all about the sump pumps, baby!

Remember that day about a month ago which included a very irate baby and a flooded basement? Well, I'm sure we'll have an irate baby again, but we won't have a flooded basement again! Last week we had our basement waterproofed. Though hearing them jack hammer the concrete wasn't too pleasant, they got it done in one day, instead of the projected two, and now we have a drainage system and a sump pump!! Isn't it strange the things that make you use multiple exclamation points when you're an adult? It used to be cute boys, now it's sump pumps.

This morning electricians came and gave us a new outlet in the basement for the sump pump and a couple extras just for fun. Which means that we are done having workmen in the house for a while! Yea! It also means we just have to wait for the new concrete to set and then we can put everything back in the basement and really get to organizing it. It'll be so nice to actually be able to use the basement as a storage space and not worry about everything being destroyed.

Now we just need to get to the other 3,847 things we want to do and the house will be perfect.


  1. It's so true - I used to get excited about cute boys, now it's if C-bear goes to bed w/o a big fuss.

  2. Katie, we all got excited about cute boys, but I don't think I ever remember you getting all chirpy when talking about any boy unless Weird Al counts.