Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend! We thought it was going to rain on Saturday, but it turned out to be beautiful so Ben and I went to watch hurling. Unfortunately Ben napped through Heath's game, but his team won so that was awesome! Here's hoping he's on a winning team this year (or at least not last place!). We spent the afternoon playing outside and after dinner we walked to the local ice cream shop. I love that we can walk places!

On Sunday we had no specific plans. Heath's parents' church is near our house, so they visit most Sunday afternoons. Nancy brought us an Easter basket and some delicious cupcakes and we had an Easter egg hunt for Ben in the backyard. It was fun, though Ben got distracted by each egg he found and was then reluctant to keep searching. He had an egg to fully explore, why would he want to find more?

We decided to have an impromptu barbecue so I headed to the grocery store for supplies. When I found that it was closed I had to think fast. What would be open? Whole Foods, the atheists' market! :) And they would definitely have Boca Burgers for Nancy, Don and Todd. So we had our barbecue and It Was Good.

Uncle Todd juggling eggs

Found it!

Licking violets 
(because he's a toddler, that's why)

Grandma's cute bunny cupcakes

Deliciously messy

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