Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things that blow my mind

Thing 1: One day on the playground there were a couple teenagers hanging out behind some of the equipment. They weren't smoking or doing anything besides talking, so it didn't bother me. When Ben wandered over they said hi and continued their conversation while he played in the little tree house. I sat down nearby to keep an eye on him and after about a minute I realized that the teenagers really didn't want me there. They were probably 16 years old and though I may have been closer to their age than their parents' age, I was An Authority and thus cramping their style.

Thing 2: When it's raining or too hot/cold to play outside sometimes we'll go to Monkey Joe's, which has inflatable slides and bounce houses. Last time we were there I realized that they were playing all 80's and 90's music over the sound system. It made sense because that's when most of the parents were kids or teenagers and would thus appreciate the music. But it's so weird to be marketed to as a parent. I'm still not used to it.


  1. wait till you get marketed to as an old person. Now that's a THING!

  2. They have 90's night at the college bars. That was a depressing moment for me.