Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's Chewbacca?... Wookie!

I've tried to keep a list of all the words Ben can say, but they're coming fast and furious now so it's impossible to track. He says probably 60+ individual words and maybe half a dozen two word phrases. His current favorite is "go outside." As Heath said on Twitter, "When you're used to hearing only single words, two-word phrases sound profound."

Ben's also learning animal noises but some of them are pretty loose interpretations. I'll try to post a video soon, because they're just weird. As revenge for Heath's "Lessons in Annoying Your Parents" to Colin, our friends Pat and Beth taught Ben this god-awful dinosaur noise. It's a high pitched screech suitable for frightening animals or peeling paint off your walls. Of course, these are also the people who taught their son, when asked, "What does a Shatner say?" to respond with, "Khaaaaaaaaan!"

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  1. I think Colin was actually the culprit, because he was the one with the T-Rex first. But the dinosaur noise is completely amazing - it has to be heard to be believed.