Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heart attack commencing...

In the last month, assisted by a growth spurt, Ben has become a very good climber. He's starting to get the idea that he can climb onto a chair to get an item out of reach. This is a Very Bad Thing. Almost nothing in the house is safe now, especially Ben himself.

Yesterday was the ultimate. I put him in his room while I took a shower, which I've done many times. This time, however, when I came back into the room he was sitting on top of his changing table, grinning from ear to ear. At first my mind boggled as to how he got up there on his own, and then I noticed his plastic chair pushed up against the diaper pail. The little sneak made himself a staircase!

From here it's only a short journey before he's jumping off the roof.

1 comment:

  1. Belayer: On belay.
    Climber: Belay on.
    Belayer: Climb when ready.
    Climber: Climbing.