Thursday, April 1, 2010

I was That Mother again

On Monday Ben and I spent some time with friends at the playground. When it was time to go home I decided to make Ben walk back to the car instead of carrying him. It's something I've been doing more of, with mixed results. Yesterday he was wasn't in the mood, but I decided to make him do it anyway. Because I'm the Mom, that's why. He'll run down the park path all the time if we're still playing, but as soon as he realizes it's time to go, he wants nothing to do with running or walking. It's not that he cares about leaving, it's that he's LAZY. So I started walking to the car and he was hugging my legs and whining and I kept saying, "We're walking to the car. I'll hold your hand." But he wasn't having it. Eventually he just went into tantrum mode.

So he's screaming and lying on the ground and that's about the time another mother walked by with two kids, pushing a stroller. She looked at him and then gave me a look that said, "I feel for you. I've been there." We shared a smile and then she was gone. And though my kid was bawling on the sidewalk it made me feel very serene and connected.

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