Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love hurts

Spring has definitely arrived in St. Louis, so on Monday Ben and I joined some playgroup members at a park. He was slowly making his way up the steps of some playground equipment and had stopped for a break on a landing when Alyssa ran up the two steps and gave him a hug. Then another. And another. Ben looked completely confused. He has no idea he's the ladies' man of the group. It's the red hair.

Somewhere around the fourth hug they became unsteady and in slow motion they tumbled down the steps onto the ground. They landed on soft padding, so neither of them was hurt, but they both freaked out. Alyssa had the raw end of the deal because Ben landed on top of her. (Though she's nine months older, I'm sure Ben weighs more.) Once they stopped screaming and the fall was all but forgotten Alyssa tried to hug Ben again. That time he ran away.

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