Thursday, March 18, 2010

A mother's confession

When my brothers and I were kids our mom went on a trip to Korea with a church group. She was gone for several weeks and when her arrival was imminent my brother Nick and I decided to make "Welcome home!" signs to take to the airport. My other brother Ian was completely mortified by the prospect of carrying SIGNS through the AIRPORT. What kind of a person carries SIGNS through the AIRPORT?! It was obviously a ridiculous folly on our part and therefore Ian was required BY DIGNITY to walk 10 feet behind us the entire time, lest other people think he would participate in carrying SIGNS through the AIRPORT!

I was reminded of that incident the other day in the car. We were at a red light so I turned around and started singing to Ben. I also added a goofy little dance, hoping to get a giggle out of him. Instead what I received was a Look, like he was 14 years old and I was trying to drop him off at the mall wearing a flowered mumu, bunny slippers and curlers in my hair.

I gotta admit, IT WAS AWESOME. Some parents may not want to seem uncool to their kids, but I can't wait. I've been uncool to most people for my entire life, so being uncool to someone who has to deal with it and can't harass me after gym class is going to be fun. I'm not going to go out of my way to actively embarrass him (unless he deserves it), but if in the normal course of life I do something that makes him roll his eyes and go, "Moooooom," I'm going to drink it in and enjoy it.

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  1. I think you're cool. Oh wait. Most people think I'm uncool, so I'm probably not a good judge of these things :)