Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At least he's empathetic

Last weekend I went to Sam's and as anyone who's been there knows, you can't go in and come out with only the things on your list. "200 rolls of toilet paper for only $3? Sold!" So it usually takes me several trips to bring everything into the house. On my last trip I had a case of Coke Zero on the bottom and a precariously placed, over-sized box of Cheerio's on the top. I got it into the house without incident, but then it fell to the ground in the dining room. Heath was holding Ben and he moaned in fake peril, "Oh, no! Not the Cheerio's!" That caused Ben to start SCREAMING because he was afraid we'd damaged the Cheerio's. We had to calm him down and assure him they were okay.


  1. Cheerio's are like crack to your average toddler. Of course he was upset.

  2. LOL! ^

    "Hello, my name is Ben and I'm a *gulp* Cheerioholic."

    "Hi Ben."