Monday, March 15, 2010

18 month check up

Weight: 29.5 lbs - 85th percentile
Height: 33.5 in. - 80th percentile
Head: 49.5 cm - 93rd percentile

He gained a little over a pound since 15 months and grew 1.5 in., but his height dropped 10 percentage points! His head continues as his biggest stat, though supposedly it got 0.5cm smaller since 15 months. I imagine that was more measurement error than anything. He was more wiggly this time. He got two shots and took them like a champ. Every time we go his doctor comments on what a great patient Ben is. He doesn't fuss and he sits on the table pretty well and lets the doctor check him out. Hopefully he'll be this nice when we eventually go to the dentist.

After his appointment I looked in our What to Expect book and either they dumb down the "should be able to..." section or else Ben's a genius because he always far surpasses most things. You can probably guess which way I'm leaning. :)

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