Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Literary observations - Part 1

The man in the yellow hat is the most irresponsible pet owner ever. First he removes a monkey from the jungle (which we learned because Ben got the first Curious George book for Christmas*). Then he takes the monkey everywhere, which is weird all by itself.

"Hey, can my monkey and I come on your class field trip to the fire station?"
The correct answer: "Uh, noooooo, weirdo."

Then despite numerous incidents in which the monkey goes missing, he never supervises the monkey at all. Yet he never receives any consequences for his incompetence because the monkey always manages to save a baby penguin from drowning or cheer up a hospital ward full of children on Christmas. It's ridiculous.

*Which, by the way, is a pretty f-ed up book. As I said, the man takes George from the jungle and brings him home where he lets George smoke a pipe. Then the next day after the man calls the zoo George decides to play with the phone and accidentally calls the fire department. They come and get really pissed when there's no fire, so they throw George in jail. Eventually George escapes and right outside the prison wall is a man selling balloons to children. Of course, what more logical place to lure children than mere yards from convicted felons. So George grabs the balloons and floats over an intersection where the man with the yellow hat just happens to be driving. George ends up in the zoo, where he'll probably commit suicide because this weird guy stole him away from his home and his family.

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