Friday, January 15, 2010

Ben the boozehound

We've noticed a pattern in Ben's behavior. He looooooves alcohol. What, doesn't everyone do Jager bombs with their kid?

Okay, of course we don't give Ben alcohol, but he is strangely attracted to it. If we're at a party he always goes for the cooler of beer, not the cooler of soda. When we went to the zoo to look at the Christmas lights, as soon as we let him out of his stroller he made a beeline for the Bud Light cart. And there have now been two instances of Ben grabbing an open bottle of wine off the bottom shelf of the fridge, pulling out the stopper and spilling wine everywhere. One time it wasn't so bad, but the second time he spilled half the bottle. His socks and pants got soaked because he proceeded to stomp around and play in it. Who doesn't want their kid to smell like Riesling?

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