Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 grab bag

So far 2010 has been a good year in our house. Several Wonderful Things are happening.

Wonderful Thing #1 is that Ben is going to have a cousin! Ian and Bekah are having a baby! They found out on Jan. 1 that Bekah's pregnant. The funny thing is that two years ago we found out on Jan. 2 that I was pregnant. So Ben and his cousin will have close birthdays and possibly even the same birthday. I'm so excited! Our family is expanding and I'll get to hold a newborn again without having to go through all the pregnancy and labor crap. Uh, I mean, all the pregnancy and labor awesomeness. It wasn't the most painful experience of my life. Not at all. It was... great.

Wonderful Thing #2 is that Ben's starting to sleep better. Several times this week he's almost slept through the night, with only a couple quick wake ups. Heath and I have actually gotten to sleep in our bed together the entire night for two or three days now. It's a novel concept. I hope this means his ear infections are dissipating or gone. He's been on medication for almost three weeks now. This also coincides with our official switch to one nap a day. I've been fighting it for a while and since he's been sick it was derailed a bit, but Ben's a one nap kid now. He's been sleeping  for two hours around lunch time like clockwork. I'll admit it's nice to have a reliable two hour break and it does allow us to be out and about longer during the afternoon, but it's hard to go down to only one break a day. Especially since I'd rather have it late in the afternoon. Around 4:00pm I'm just done, but I guess I'll get used to it. I suppose the only thing harder than this will be when he gives up napping altogether. Hopefully by then he'll be in preschool. Of course, by then we'll probably have another kid and I'll have to do this whole horrible thing over again. Uh, I mean, this WONDERFUL thing. It's the best time of your life. Really... Sleep deprivation isn't like torture at all. It's fun to hallucinate in the middle of the day. It's like a free movie.

[Ed. Note: Since writing this a few days ago Ben has gone back to sleeping like crap at night. *sigh*]

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