Saturday, June 13, 2009

There's a first time for everything

Ben's had several firsts this week. A couple nights ago Heath was putting him to bed. He put Ben in the crib and then went to the bookshelf to pick that night's story. When he turned back to the crib Ben was sitting up. Heath said his first thought was, "Wait, who sat him up?" Then, of course, he realized Ben had sat himself up. Each of our reactions to the news sort of illustrates the differences in perspective. Heath's reaction was to be proud of Ben. However, being the person who stays home with him all day, my reaction was to think of all the trouble it will cause. Of course I'm happy he's reaching these milestones, but if he falls out of his crib, I'll probably be the one who has to deal with it. Ben hasn't done it since, though, in his crib or out. I'd be ecstatic if he would sit up on the floor.

Then Friday morning he pulled himself all the way up to standing. I cheered for him and he looked so proud. He's also beginning to realize if he holds onto furniture and moves his feet he can get something on the other end of the table. We've done some baby-proofing, but we really need to do it in earnest now. Soon nothing will be safe.

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