Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goin' mobile

Ben is on the verge of a mobility breakthrough. He is so close to walking or crawling and it's a race to see which one wins. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. I even saw him moving his knees the other day, but his hands were stationary so he didn't actually move. However, he's always hated being on his stomach for too long, so I think walking has an edge. Plus, now his super duper most favoritest thing in the WORLD is walking along holding onto someone's hands for support. He cannot get enough. He doesn't yet have the balance to do it on his own, but he's very vigorous in his walking. When standing against something his balance is really good and he's just beginning to realize he can walk along holding onto furniture. The world is opening up.

While it's mind boggling to imagine the logistics of having an unsteady, naturally destructive creature with little sense of what will topple over and crush him, crawling, walking and running around the house, I hope it gets here soon. He's been so frustrated lately because he can't get places himself. The whining is reaching epic proportions. The sleeping is regressing.

Having a toddler is going to put a whole new spin on life. I never realized how much the changes in a child's life affect the parents' lives, as well. Even seemingly small changes like going from three naps to two, or instituting three meals a day, throw everything out of wack until I get used to them. Less time to get things done around the house, more opportunities to have pea stained clothing.

It's going to be interesting to experience my reactions to Ben's changing life. In some ways it must be like watching your own childhood. Both of my parents have said they've had strong emotional reactions to times in my life when something significant happened in their own lives. This is gonna be craaaaaaazy!

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