Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New stats!

Ben had his 15 month check up on Saturday:

Weight: 27.14 lbs - 85th percentile
Height: 32 in. - 90th percentile
Head: 50cm - 97th percentile

He's only gained six ounces since his birthday, which is by far his smallest weight gain and has caused him to drop from 96th percentile to 85th. He's grown one inch, staying steady in the 90th percentile. His head is still ginormous, meaning that it's a pain to put on his shirts in the morning. In fact, this weekend we had to retire a perfectly good shirt that fits him in all other aspects, simply because it was too hard to pull over his head.

Ben didn't take his shots too well this time, but he did get four of them, poor guy. He's almost done with immunizations, though! The doctor said he'll have two at his 18 month visit and only one at his two year visit. Then we go down to only one check up a year. That'll be kind of sad, because I really like his pediatrician. He makes you feel like your kid is his favorite patient EVER and he's so sincere you almost believe it.

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