Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And it wouldn't look too good in the baby book, either

A couple weeks ago my Uncle Scot sent me an e-mail to let me know about a podcast which featured an interview with Weird Al (who, as anyone who's known me for a while knows, I adore). At the end he wrote, "FYI...there are a few naughty words (none from Al, of course) in case you're concerned about tender ears. I know he doesn't really speak English yet but it would be upsetting if his first was the 'F'."

At first I laughed and agreed that it would be a bad first word. Then I got to thinking. What would it be like if that really was his first word? Heath would be a hero at work, but the grandparents probably wouldn't like it too much...

"Our grandson's first word was 'kitty.' What about yours?"
"Oh, Ben? He dropped an f-bomb."

(Yes, we are back from Hawaii. I'm working on a post about it, but the short version is: It was awesome.)

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  1. In her righteous might your mother, my sister, would hurt me. Quite badly, I suspect.