Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was kind of a bust for Ben.

We had a whole costume theme this year. Since Ben was a dragon, Heath was a knight and I was a princess. We made Heath's costume out of paper grocery bags and aluminum foil. It was real professional, let me tell you. I actually think he looked more like a Romulan, the way his "armor" crossed over his shoulders, but I suppose Romulans can fight dragons as well as knights. With the cloaking device they'd even have a leg up.

For my costume I wore my wedding dress (which, I'm happy to report, did fit and was only a little tight around the stomach) and some costume jewelry from Heath's grandma. I'd also bought a princess wig of flowing blond hair and that's what started all the trouble. I came out of the bathroom and Ben gave me the weirdest look. It was like he recognized my face but didn't understand what was going on with my hair. I tried to reassure him that it was Mommy, but he kept eyeing me with suspicion. That was actually harder to take than I would've thought. Having him so uncomfortable with me was really difficult.

Once we got to Ian and Bekah's party it all went downhill. Ben just wasn't happy. I eventually took off my wig, but everyone's costumes and masks were also freaking him out. We only lasted about 45 minutes. I did learn some lessons for next year, though.

*Picture courtesy of Ian and Bekah

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