Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eat your heart out

About 6 weeks ago we started Ben on solid food. Solid being a relative term, in this case meaning, "has a few more chunks than formula." It's rice cereal and at first it's so watered down it's more like rice soup. But gradually we've been thickening it up and he loves it. Who could've guessed? The kid who weighed 20 pounds at 4 months old would love the chance to eat more. Within the past couple weeks I've added oatmeal to the mix and Ben is a happy camper.

I noticed the coolest thing the other day. Heath was mixing up the rice cereal and I got a bib out of the cupboard. I un-velcroed (What? It could be a word!) it and as I started to put it around Ben's neck he tilted his head forward so I could fasten it in the back. Once I was done he put his head back against the high chair. And it's not a fluke. He does it regularly now!

I'm so in awe of how Ben learns things without even being able to understand us and, most of the time, without any instruction. The next few years are going to consist of Ben learning something new and then me saying, "My baby's a genius."

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