Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An explanation

Posting has been light the past few weeks because I was in the midst of Health Drama. I had a polyp in my bladder, which was removed on Friday. I'm overjoyed to report the tests came back negative, meaning there were no cancer cells. Which you better believe I made the nurse tell me explicitly. I don't want any of that sitcom confusion in which "negative" really means, "Oh, isn't it negative how you have cancer?" But, I'm positive she said negative, so it's all good. :)

Obviously I had some recovery time, so Heath was on full-time Ben duty all weekend. Then my dad came over on Monday to wrangle the boy. So I really didn't see much of him for three days. It's amazing that even though he's almost two, Ben's still changing everyday. I don't always notice it since I'm with him so much, but this weekend it was really magnified.

He's starting to speak in sentences. His main sentence is, "I see (whatever)." It's going to be totally bizarre when he can have actual conversations. And apparently over the weekend he learned how to go down the porch steps all by himself, without even holding on to anything!

My recovery is going smoothly. I'm still taking it easy this week, which means Ben's been forced to walk a lot more (evil mommy!), but that's definitely for the best. I work out, but the kid is getting heavy to lug around. Hopefully soon I'll be back to normal and this will all just be a memory.

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  1. Terribly pleased to hear all is well, Youngster.