Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, those fatherly pearls of wisdom

Yesterday morning Heath made pancakes for the second week in a row! While doing so, he jauntily said, "Ben, do you know what we say when we flip pancakes?" Now, according to Heath what he was going to say was, "Batter's up!" (Because, yes, he's that father.) However, in the process of flipping the pancake his hand brushed the very hot pan and instead what he said was, "Ow! Mother f-er!" Except he filled in that entire last word.

Now, of course I was concerned with his hand, but I have to admit that my first reaction was to LAUGH MY ASS OFF. Seriously, I had to grasp the sink to hold myself up. That was a classic Borders Family Moment.


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  2. Oh, Katie, that is the BEST story! I hope Ben doesn't repeat it.....but brace yourself!

    Jill Aul

  3. I am familiar with that highly technical term and have used it often when engaged in such culinary pursuits. I have employed a few others but I don't think ol' Aristiono up there would appreciate the mention of them.