Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Babbling Ben

Ben's been practicing his babbling lately and it's becoming a little more sophisticated. Now instead of only seemingly random strings of vowel sounds, occasionally he adds in seemingly random strings of consonant-vowel sounds, i.e. ga-ga, da-da. It's mostly "ga" and "da" right now. I think those are the easiest letters to pronounce.

Do you think baby babbling has any correlation with how much a person talks later in life? If so, we're going to have a talkative little kid on our hands. Saturday night at Ian's surprise party* it seemed like he was babbling the entire time. He does do it more around other people, I've noticed. Maybe I'm not getting another one for my team. *sigh*

*It was a rousing success! He was completely surprised and his face turned bright red when they walked in. It was great.

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