Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reading is fun... for 2 seconds

Here's a follow up post to yesterday's about Ben learning to turn pages. Apparently now the only fun thing to do in the universe is turn pages. And the only thing more interesting than the act of turning pages is WHAT'S ON THE NEXT PAGE. It doesn't matter that we're not finished reading the current page, the next page has to be better. Even better than that is the stuff on the page after that. So let's speed through the book, not even bothering to look at the drawings of happy animals frolicking in the field. The purpose of books is only to have pages to turn. Obviously.


  1. I find it rather funny as I reflect back to Heath's book days. All I remember is the repetition of the same book--The Fox and Hound- Todd was a fox. He lived on a farm. The Widow Tweed took care of him. Or the nursery rhythm:
    One misty, moisty morning,
    When cloudy was the weather.
    I chanced to meet an old man,
    Dressed all in leather.
    He began to compliment,
    And I began to grin.
    How do you do,
    And how do you do,
    And how do you do again.

    The fun is just beginning.

  2. This one made me laugh out loud. First, you're waxing poetic about how you can share your love of books with this genius child and then the nitty gritty of a baby learning by doing the same thing over and over and over and over interrupts the motherly dreaming! How often the day-to-day changes the dynamics of our fantasies. But sometimes the day-to-day culminates in even better dreams -- like watching your own child teach her child to love reading! Keep at it, he'll eventually get the idea that there's more to books than page turning!