Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking a sip of life

Ben has been successfully using a sippy cup since last summer. It actually came pretty easy to him. It took some practice to coordinate tipping his head back while putting the cup into his mouth, but we didn't have any trouble getting him to try it. On Sunday we went out to breakfast and Ben really wanted to try using a regular cup. Well, it was glass so at first Heath was helping him but eventually Ben got fed up and just wanted to do it for himself (imagine a toddler doing that!). So while Heath's hands hovered very nearby, Ben picked up the glass, took a sip and put it back on the table without spilling a drop. He was soooo proud of himself. He grinned from ear to ear and was obviously thinking, "I did it!" It was so cute. Every week he learns something new and it's nice he can finally take pride in his accomplishments.

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