Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Post-4th of July

Ben attended his first fireworks show last night. I wasn't too worried about him freaking out, because loud noises don't seem to bother him. People have been shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood all week and he hasn't noticed. He was pretty tired by the time they started, but he paid attention. He wasn't scared, but he wasn't overjoyed by them, either. It was more like academic study, to figure out this new phenomenon. Then, the second the fireworks stopped it started pouring down rain and I mourned a little, because I knew the stroller would get the clean, new carpet in the trunk of my SUV all dirty. *sigh*

For me, the most exciting thing about the 4th wasn't the fireworks. It was the fact that Ben is eating more food! He ate some lettuce and some noodles from the pasta salad. He promptly threw them back up (while I was filming him, incidentally), but at least it's something!

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