Friday, May 15, 2009

My very first Mother's Day

Heath is not great with surprises and we don't always celebrate anniversaries and holidays like Mother's Day, so I began reminding him about it months ago. I said I wanted a present and I wanted to do something, but not have to plan it myself. I think we were both a bit nervous about what he'd come up with, but he came through.

First of all, I got to sleep in on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. So nice. By the time I woke up on Sunday Ben was already down for his first nap, so I could take a leisurely shower. When we heard Ben stirring Heath asked me to go get him. I figured something was up, since it was Mother's Day and I shouldn't have to do ANY of the grunt work. Ben was lying in his crib being cute, as always, and underneath his butt was an envelope that said, "Mom." It was a really nice card from Ben and Heath. That was so sweet.

We went to breakfast at a place by our old apartment that we really love. It was warm enough for us to sit outside, which was lovely. Throughout the meal we got 4 or 5 compliments on how cute Ben is. My favorite was the woman who saw him and exclaimed, "Oh, what a gorgeous baby!"

After a quick stop at home we went to visit Heath's grandmother in her nursing home, because she hadn't met Ben yet. It was so neat to see him interacting with her. We got a four generation picture, with her, Heath's dad, Heath and Ben.

Then it was off to see Star Trek. Yes, I chose to see Star Trek as my Mother's Day activity. After the movie we ate at the best Chinese restaurant in the world (which happens to be in St. Charles, MO - who would've guessed?!) and then it was time to go home. It was a great day. I very much enjoyed myself.

Oh, and my gift is having a professional cleaning person come and deep clean the house. Yea!! The shower doors will finally be CLEAN!


  1. I never really wanted a professional cleaning person to come by until this year - I'm so jealous!
    (I never thought I'd say that...)

  2. Heath is going to have to give Wes some pointers! He forgot it was Mother's Day until I reminded him to call his mom and then he ran out in the middle of the afternoon to get me a card and some Krispy Kremes. Donuts definitely cured any bad feelings but I hope he doesn't forget next year when we actually have the baby!