Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One month and counting

Ben starts preschool in a month. One measly month! I cannot believe it. We got a big packet of information and forms to fill out and it's all becoming so real. We're going to be parents of a kid in school. That means we have to contend with teachers and a schedule and (horror of horrors) other parents. It's bizarre. But I know we've done the right thing because Ben is so excited. Granted, he doesn't exactly know what he's getting into, but he's been talking about it since the beginning of summer. And he carries his little Buzz Lightyear backpack everywhere. It's so cute.

Thinking about it makes me want to cry, but at the same time I'm already daydreaming about what I can do with my nine free hours a week (minus pick up and drop off time). Doctors appointments and errands will become stress free. Work outs won't include five minutes of prying Ben away from whatever toy he's obsessed with in the playroom. It'll be like a fairy wonderland where things are... easy. For three months. And then that second one comes out and I'll barely be coherent enough to drive Ben to preschool and back, let alone navigate the grocery store. *sigh* It will have been nice while it lasted...

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