Thursday, June 17, 2010

Music and water

So, because of recent Life Events I've basically been ignoring this blog for a couple months. I kept thinking about posting, but then I'd think that my comeback post should be something really great, but that I didn't have the energy to write something really great, so I'd do it tomorrow. Well, we see how well that worked out, so I decided that I'm going to adopt the National Novel Writing Month philosophy: quantity over quality. I just need to write and hopefully it'll get better someday. With that in mind, I shall start by telling you about the fun day Ben and I had yesterday.

In the morning we went to a free children's concert called "Bring on the Drums." I wasn't sure how well Ben would sit for it, but I figured that if he was too antsy we could just escape to the nearby playground. He really surprised me. He sat on my lap almost the entire 45 minutes and was alternately dancing, clapping or swinging his feet with the music. It was really fun to see him enjoying it. My parents used to take me to the symphony and though I haven't been in a long time, I feel like it did help me gain an appreciation for the music. I hope I can instill the same in Ben.

It was a hot, sunny day, so after Ben's nap we headed to the pool. Our city has a wonderful pool facility. It was the first time we'd gone and it was awesome. There was a regular pool for older kids and adults and then they had three kid areas. One went to three feet deep and had some slides, one just had a bunch of sprinklers spraying water and the baby pool went to 18 inches deep and had a lot of toys. It was perfect for Ben. It came to about his waist and he could get around without me having to hold him the entire time. Plus, we saw several different friends who live in the area. I love the idea of just bumping into people you know around the neighborhood. The longer we live here the more I love it. Heath and I picked the perfect place to buy a house.

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  1. Can I just say that I'm totally jealous of Ben's day? That sounds awesome.