Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I want to remember

-The way Ben fits perfectly in my lap right now. When I'm sitting cross legged he gets all snuggled up, keeping my legs and torso warm, and I can put my chin on his head while we read a book (or 50).

-Kneeling at the bottom of the slide, looking up at Ben as he grins madly in anticipation of the ride ahead.

-Ben carrying a tiny pumpkin around all afternoon at Heath's company picnic like it was the coolest thing EVER.

-When Ben wakes up from a nap I pick him up out of his crib and he lays his head on my shoulder. Then we just stand there for a moment, hugging each other.

-Every time we read The Big Red Barn and I get to the line "there was a pink pig who was learning to squeal" I tickle him on his sides and he giggles like crazy.

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